Who We're Helping

William (Bill) Kerr


Cpl Bill Kerr is retired after serving with the Royal Canadian Regiment.  During his second tour of Afghanistan he was on foot patrol when an improvised explosive device went off, resulting in him losing both legs and part of one arm.

Living in a remote, rural area, Bill was in need of a generator to back up power to his house.  RFH stepped in to provide this as without a power source, Bill would be put in a dire situation because he requires power to charge his electric wheelchair as well as open the doors to his house.


Phil Badanai


On December 31, 1994 while on a peacekeeping tour of duty in Croatia, Phil's Iltis jeep was ambushed by 25 Serbian soldiers while returning from an escort mission and he was shot twice in the back.

RFH built a brand new deck for the Badanai family to surround their existing above ground pool.  Now with a safe entry point into the pool, Phil, his wife and two boys can now enjoy the pool all summer long.


Walter Rau

Master Corporal

Walter is a retired veteran who served in Afghanistan twice.  He unfortunately returned with PTSD and a back injury resulting in two surgeries that have left him in chronic pain due to arthritis.

Due to his ailments he was not able to repair his dilapidated deck as he once hoped to do so RFH stepped in to build him a brand new deck. Walter and his wife are thrilled that they can now have family and friends over and feel safe in their backyard.


Mike Trauner

Master Corporal

MCpl Mike Trauner lost both his limbs after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was set off while he was on foot patrol in Afghanistan in December 2008. Since the cost of modifying the Trauner's existing home proved to be too costly, RFH stepped in to help finish the build of their wheelchair accessible custom home. The project included a wheelchair accessible deck with ramp as well as a privacy fence.


Jody Mitic

Master Corporal

MCpl Jody Mitic lost both his legs below the knee after stepping on a bomb that detonated in Afghanistan in 2007. He was the first beneficiary of Renos for Heroes. Modifications to help the Mitic's home included a wheelchair accessible bathroom and deck as well as a wheelchair lift.


Chris Klodt


Cpl (Retired) Chris Klodt was serving in Afghanistan in 2006 when he was shot in the neck, shattering two of his vertebrae. As a result of his injury, Klodt is a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. Unable to enjoy of his favourite pastime of woodworking, RFH stepped in to build him a wheelchair accessible outdoor workshop, complete with new tools.


Andrew Knisley


Cpl Andrew Knisley lost his right leg after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan. To help get him outside and enjoying the great outdoors once again, RFH built a wheelchair accessible deck and gazebo.


Kevin Uriekawa

Master Corporal

MCpl Kevin Uriekawa (UK) sustained injuries while serving in Afghanistan and now requires the use of a wheelchair. Unable to get out onto his small deck in his wheelchair, RFH increased the size of it and built a ramp to help him gain complete mobility of the backyard.


Wayne Johnston


After 41 years in the Canadian military, Captain Wayne Johnston was medically released from the Canadian Forces after being diagnosed with Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2010. With PTSD leaving him unable to handle the much-needed renovation to the Johnston's kitchen, RFH stepped in to make the process simple and easy for the whole family.