About Us

Renos for Heroes (RFH) is a registered charity that dedicates renovation and building services to injured members of our Canadian military.

More than 100 Canadian military personnel have lost limbs since the Afghan mission began in 2002 and some of these soldiers still do not have complete mobility in their homes. While the government helps, there is often a huge gap between the renovations that are covered versus what soldiers truly need for total mobility in their homes. Working alongside Canada's Military Families Fund, RFH helps to complete home renovation projects for our injured soldiers.

The renovations that RFH provides are classified as "Quality of Life" renovations and are not covered by the government; this includes but is not limited to, wheelchair accessible outdoor spaces such as decks and pool areas as well as modifications to make a soldier's favourite space in their home deemed non-essential (i.e. a hobby room) wheelchair accessible.

While some injuries are visible, there are also countless soldiers suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and RFH is here to help those soldiers as well. For members of our military suffering from PTSD, renovations that build a space that supports and fosters mental wellbeing is RFH's goal. Quality of life renovations in these cases can come in the form of anything from a recreation room, a kitchen, to a home gym.