About Us

More than 100 Canadian military personnel have lost limbs since the Afghan mission began in 2002 and hundreds more have been seriously wounded. After months or even years of painful rehabilitation, too many of these brave men and women are still having problems trying to live a normal life in their own homes, with their own families.
This is because, in too many cases, their homes have not yet been properly modified to take into account their decreased mobility.

Renovating a home for a disabled person requires more than just installing a wheelchair ramp or lowering a countertop. In many cases, major structural changes must be addressed and special fixtures and equipment brought in. The work can be both expensive and stressful for the occupants.

RENOS for HEROES was founded in November 2009 by Toronto-based contractor Jim Caruk, the well-known host of HGTV’s Real Renos and Handyman Superstar Challenge, in association with volunteer contractors and manufacturers in the Canadian home improvement industry and with the support of the Canadian Armed Forces. RENOS for HEROES, wants to help our wounded soldiers to make these changes to their homes, minimizing the expense and reducing the stress.

“Everyone recognizes the sacrifice that our soldiers are making overseas,” Jim says, “and the Canadian military takes care of its wounded men and women with great compassion and significant resources. But there are specialized building skills and materials that the Canadian home improvement industry should be offering, from the grassroots level, to these veterans. That’s what RENOS for HEROES is all about.”

RENOS for HEROES needs your help. Together, we can help these brave men and women to regain full mobility in their own homes and live the independent lives that we all take for granted.