Funding Application

Renos for Heroes bridges the gap between government funding to the military and their families for home renovation projects.

**Renos for Heroes (RFH) follows a standard application process when processing requests from applicants:

Applicant Criteria

Any individuals who meet the following guidelines:

    • Have been active in military service in the past 5 years and have sustained disabling injury(s)
    • Have approached the Canadian Military Families Fund (MFF) and other such government organizations that provide funding to Canadian Military and their families
    • Have been determined eligible by the government for funding by MFF

Renos for Heroes reviews and approves applications for funding on an as-needed basis. The process takes between 8 to 14 weeks from the time of submission to RFH Board approval.

The Process

  1. Fill in the online application at to submit to RFH. You will receive acknowledgement of receipt.
  2. You will be contacted by RFH to advise if the application will go to the next stage of approval; if approved, a phone interview will be arranged.
  3. The phone interview reviews the project in further detail and will cover the following aspects: scope of work, specific bridge financing required, suppliers and contractors, current situation.
  4. Provide additional documents as requested for review.
  5. Application is presented to the RFH Board for final decision.

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Military Service Number

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Click here to download the Renos For Heroes a pdf of the Applications Process.